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Nurturing Your Musical Ability

Hone your talents and skills with us at Ability Development Music Academy. Our studio in El Paso, Texas offers private lessons in various instruments using the Suzuki and traditional methods. While most of our clients are 3-18 years old, students of all ages and ability levels are definitely welcome to learn with us. There will also be events in which students can participate.

We can teach you how to play the following:

  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Violin

  • Viola

  • Cello

Performance Opportunities


  • Costume Recital: A relaxed, fun recital to begin the school year
  • Holiday Recital: A more formal recital in December
  • Awards Recital: All certificates for activities in which your child participated, trophies earned, and book recital statuettes are awarded at this recital

Festivals and Competitions

There are three El Paso Music Teacher Association (EPMTA) activities that our students can participate in:

EPMTA Solo Festival

It is a non-competitive adjudicated event designed to encourage and motivate students. Judges make positive remarks and offer suggestions for improvement.

EPMTA Sonatina Festival

It is a non-competitive adjudicated event designed to encourage the study of sonatinas and sonatas.

Irma Kluck Baroque Competition

It is an event to encourage the study of Baroque music where students compete against each other in their own age group. First place winners perform in the Winners’ Recital and receive trophies.

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